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Frances Ha (Greta Gerwig)

Frances Ha (Greta Gerwig)

Limbo. Yes, Limbo.
That space that’s neither here nor there.
The place you fall into after college or some other graduation into another phase of life.
You’re an adult but not quite there yet.
The career hasn’t happened but you’re working on it;
You hold on to the wisps of sing-song youth.
Then, that dull realization.
No one is coming to kiss us out of our sleep.
Ah, Life. We have to wake up!

Frances and Sophie (Mickey Sumner)

Frances and Sophie (Mickey Sumner)

Such is the world filmed in black and white by Noah Baumbach in his warm-hearted film Frances Ha, starring Greta Gerwig. In the frenzied space of New York, Gerwig perfoms Frances, an aspiring dancer, with an over-the-top but awkward innocence. Frances is clumsy, messy, and graceless. She’s irritating yet tolerable; however, the abandonment for adulthood by her best friend, Sophie, played by Mickey Sumner, throws Frances into crisis mode. This break-up produces the true gem of Frances Ha. Baumbach asks and answers the question that HBO’s Sex and the City dared never to approach: what happens when our best friends outgrow us? With treks through Brooklyn, China Town, Sacramento, Paris, France, and an upstate college, Baumbach, with grace and care, drops Frances into her own backyard, and she is smiling!

Frances Ha plays through June 20 at The Ross Media Arts Center in Lincoln.

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