Before Midnight @ The Ross

Celine (Judith Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke)

Celine (Judith Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke)

Richard Linklater is back with his third installment Before Midnight, and if you saw his first two installments, Before Sunrise and Before Sunset, Before Midnight will not disappoint you.

Ethan Hawke as novelist Jesse is back; Julie Delpy as Celine is back, and this unmarried couple with a son and twin girls is still kicking about – this time in Greece — and they are talking – still — and talking and talking and talking about any and everything: love, fidelity, jealousy, work, travel, the future of humanity; children and chicken pox; death in the family; funerals, technology, and Skype—it’s the sex of the next century; and they’re talking in all sorts of places: in the kitchen, at the dinner table, in the car, in a hotel, in a chapel, in between kisses and breasts – yes, Celine and Jesse have a full very involved conversation in-between Celine’s breasts … sigh … you gotta have patience; yet the verbal athleticism of Hawke and Delpy will keep you engaged but … you gotta have patience.

Celine and Jesse in mid-conversation

Celine and Jesse in mid-conversation

There are no long shots of exotic Greece—just a focus on people and conversations. Linklater refrains from giving us visual relief from Celine and Jesse; they dominate every scene. So, polish up your listening skills and be ready for a film about conversations on the everyday ordinary. But you gotta have patience! Jesse and Celine will talk your ears off!

Before Midnight plays through July 4 at The Ross Media Arts Center in Lincoln.

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