The Angels’ Share @ The Ross

The Gang in 'Angels Share'

The Gang in ‘Angels Share’

Let’s first deal with definitions: Two percent of the whiskey that evaporates while it distills is called ‘the angels’ share’. You could liken the angels’ share to an offering to the deities for allowing the creation of the spirited drink.

Tasting The Golden Blend

Set in Glasgow, The Angels’ Share is British film director Ken Loach’s film about second chances and the people who give them. Paul Brannigan stars as Robbie, a “wee thug who doesn’t know any better”, who forms an unlikely partnership with his community service pals. In comes Harry, (played lightheartedly by John Henshaw), the delightful supervisor, who, against the rules, takes the motley crew on a field trip on his day off to his “sacred place”, a whiskey distillery. He makes them solemnly swear not to “fight, drink, or rob” while there. A docent informs them of the “subtle reaction between the wood and the spirit” as well as the angels’ share. What follows is an adventure all in the name of whiskey, its taste, its smell, and the artistry in the culture of making a rare and valuable golden blend. The Angels’ Share is a charm, and will leave you feeling, well, … charmed!

The Angels’ Share plays through May 30 at the Ross Media Arts Center in Lincoln.

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