The Grovey Effect and Ryan ~ The Interview

Ryan Grovey is coming to Lincoln. Ryan Grovey is coming to Omaha. Some of you already know him. Perhaps you learned choreography from him when he was a Zumba® Jammer. Or, maybe he trained you to become a MixxedFit® instructor. How about U-Jam Fitness®? If you have not had the opportunity to meet, dance, and/or train with Ryan Grovey, now is your chance.

His first stop is The Clyde Malone Center, in partnership with Danielle Garcia, for its 2nd Annual Health and Fitness Event, 2032 U Street, 3-5 pm, Saturday, April 15. There, Ryan Grovey will be in full effect on the floor bringing his high intensity dance fitness and strength movements. The event is Free and Open to the Public. (Scroll down for poster).

Interested in becoming a The Grovey Effect dance fitness instructor? Join him at The Slay Dome, 6313 Ames Avenue in Omaha, 9am-5pm Sunday, April 16. Sign up at (Scroll down for poster).

Want to know more about Ryan Grovey? Read The Interview below.

What inspired you to form The Grovey Effect dance fitness program?

A lot of things; the main one being COVID. The pandemic really gave me the push I needed to think about creating my own dance fitness program. I am an accomplished dance fitness instructor, having earned my place in dance fitness by way of Hip Hop, Zumba®, MixxedFit®, and World of Dance U-Jam Fitness®. All along, however, I wanted to start my own platform. I talked with my mother who had encouraged me to go on my own for I don’t know how long. My friends had been telling me to step out on my own as well. I just didn’t know how and when to do it. Then COVID hit. My entire income shot to zero after 10 years of the grind and hustle.

How did the pandemic propel you into The Grovey Effect?

I decided to jump online and offer my first free class. I didn’t know what to call it, but I knew I wanted to do my own thing. I put together all choreography I had created over the years. Once I went virtual, I immediately received hundreds of comments! People were asking where to sign up, even how to become an instructor. Let me tell you I had no idea what the heck I was dealing with, but I knew I had created what was the beginning something new and exciting.

Did you create this all on your own?

No. Not at all. I started out very small and created a tight knit committed community! I organized a team of people—some dancers and instructors–to help bring the vision to life. Everyone flew out to Arizona, including my best friend, Diana. The magic of The Grovey Effect was created in my house. We covered my entire upstairs/downstairs wall with post-its and big notepads outlining choreographies and developing our mission.

We filmed about 30 choreographies; later, I conducted a mock training with our corporate team; we had about 60 instructors our first training!

Our mission is to give individuals an incredibly fun, high-energy and effective workout experience that inspires them to develop and grow in all areas of their lives.

What does The Grovey Effect dance fitness program offer that other programs do not?

The Grovey Effect is dance fitness with dynamic cardio, but we incorporate HIIT and strength-style movements. It’s a challenging engagement with dance. We have customized mixes created and arranged by our Grovey Effect DJ. Our classes move dancers to the mountain with a strong push for them to give it all they have. Get that heart rate up!

How has The Grovey Effect developed?

From that first meeting in my house in Arizona, we’ve expanded to a host of states across the country and internationally. I’m talking Mexico, the Philippines, Malaysia, even Japan. We were in Asia for three weeks!

As leaders in the dance fitness industry, GE instructors are valued contributors to positively change the world and instill GE Culture into the lives of our students and community.

Mark out The Grovey Effect team.

Oh wow, yes, our team is spread out all over the country–the world. Our formatting developer, Renee, is in Seattle, Washington; Angela, our Instructor Care Specialist is in Arkansas; Lori, our IT specialist, is here in Arizona; my mom, Patricia Grovey Evans, of course, is the Vice President, and lives in New Mexico; my executive assistant, Pearly, lives in the Philippines.

What do you want to accomplish with The Grovey Effect?

The Grovey Effect is THE next dance fitness program—the largest–on the same level as Zumba! You can print that! We’re just in our second year and we’re already operating in the international arena.

Walk me through your process for developing new choreography? How long does it take you?

I am actually really blessed because my best friend Diana is my choreographer who does the majority of my choreography. I’ll send her the songs that I like and tell her what I envision—a change here, a step there—and we come together to figure out what we can do to maximize and change.

What keeps you motivated?

I’m just a grinder—always have been. I see my vision and I know my vision. I want to be able to take care of my family and have kids; take care of my mother, so I do what I have to do to ensure that I can contribute to a happy healthy lifestyle in the lives of everyone I care about.

Is The Grovey Effect your sole means of exercise?

My dance fitness program is hot cardio, so I have to really integrate the weight training and be sure to eat well. I eat about five times a day. Lots of turkey and fish, and lots of vegetables.

What is the value of dance to you?

Different rhythms speak to the heart … speak to the soul. Dance is movement, and it can take you to different places even in the middle of class. Not to mention that dance allows you to release all the toxins. When I teach, I am motivated by the people who dance with me and find that my platform inspires them to keep on dancing. Someone told me the other day they cannot live without The Grovey Effect! Another wanted to know about online classes because she was leaving for the summer. All contribute to the value of dance in general. I am glad that The Grovey Effect adds tremendous value to dance!

To learn more about Ryan and The Grovey Effect, click link here.

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