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Alrighty then, yet another movie on the joys and the perils of mountain climbing. But here’s some scuttlebutt: Conrad Anker, one of the subjects of the documentary Meru, found George Mallory’s body on Mount Everest in 1999! Meru, affectionately known as the Shark’s Fin or the anti-Everest is without any sherpas or anyone to facilitate the trek. You had better foster an unwavering trust in your teammates or risk being totally alone in negative 20 degree weather in an unforgiving natural environment. Anti-Everest. Anker, along with his fellow alpinists, Jimmy Chin, and Renan Ozturk, almost reached the top of that mountain in 2008 only to have to descend because that sun was going to set and their ability to camp would be compromised. Imagine that! You could touch the tip of your destination after taking the risk, going through the peril, beating any insecurity, mustering up the courage to trust your teammates, and finally, finally with only 100 meters to go … sigh … The three return home, nurse their wounded pride, and find ways to work the everyday ordinary. Well. Here comes that ego and in snow shoes and in the night: “let’s try it again,” it whispers, “you could be the first to reach the top of that mountain!” So, Anker, Chin, and Ozturk go back onto that ice and snow.

Meru is an engaging story! It really is because Anker, Chin, and Ozturk mark out the sheer love and passion for mountain climbing. Their narration is awe-inspiring as their courage shines through their talk of their efforts worked a team on that mountain. Of interest to audiences is how these mountain climbers make peace with failure but smile at the inevitability of the chance to reach for success—one more time!

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