The Week’s End

As we settle into the week’s end, think on this:

Stay away from what and who does not belong to you. That commandment, “thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s goods” is no joke! Why? Because what is not yours never will be happy with you–ever! It will harangue you. It will taunt you. At worse, it will cause destruction in your your world. Bottom line? It wants its own master, and YOU are not it. Remember this: What you are searching for is searching for you and for you only! Be patient while waiting for it to find you. The Psalmist tells us to “fret not thyself” and to “be still […]” and to “wait patiently […]” (Psalm 37). If you are preoccupied with what is not your own, what IS yours will pass on because it has no place to rest in your household. That which is your own is waiting for the right time and for the right place to come to you. Be prepared to receive and embrace it.

Happy Week’s End ~ to all of you!

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