The Kitchen @ The Ross

Sisters Jennifer (Laura Prepon) and Penny (Dreama Walker) having a conversation about life.

Sisters Jennifer (Laura Prepon) and Penny (Dreama Walker) having a conversation about life.

Jennifer Parker is distressed, and it is no wonder. Paul, her ex-boyfriend, cheated on her with two of the women who are celebrating her 30th birthday; one of the women gives her earrings as a present out of guilt; her name is misspelled on her birthday cake; she’s unemployed and wants to open an art gallery featuring an artist whom no one appreciates; she feels unattractive; and, among other things, her sister, Penny, may have an abortion.

Paul (Bryan Greenberg)

Paul (Bryan Greenberg)

All of these ingredients stir the pot in Ishai Setton’s ensemble feature The Kitchen.

Laura Prepon is endearing as Jennifer, and she sensitively walks the line between pessimism and hopeful expectancy in the awareness of this 30th turning point in her life. Dreama Walker, plays her adorable but mildly sarcastic sister Penny, who, even in her sarcasm, betrays a sliver of embarrassment and vulnerability as a single pregnant young woman. Jennifer’s and Penny’s conversations generate provocative insights into what it means to be at a crossroads not knowing what the future holds.

The audience will thank Jim Beggarly profusely for the script since the film’s score by American Indie rock band, Fun. will gnaw you to the bone!

The Kitchen plays through March 21 at the Ross Media Arts Center in Lincoln.

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Abridged Audio version from Friday Live! at the Mill @ 41:52

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  1. Chel

     /  March 25, 2013

    Love the style!


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